Thanks to Steve Burnett, Chair of the 2019 Fall Memorial Tournament, we had another week of fun with fellow Juneau Golf Club golfers. The 2019 Fall Memorial Tournament was once again held at Eagle Crest Golf Resort in Redmond, Oregon. The resort has three courses that we alternate playing over 4 days.

Here is a recap of the winners:

Men's Low Net: Eric Swanson

Senior's Low Net (one-time contribution in remembrance of Tom Cashen): Guy Thibodeau

Women's Low Net: Brenda Asselstine

Men's Low Gross: Mike Mauseth

Senior's Low Gross: Bob Winter

Women's Low Gross: Dot Walker

Men's A Flight:

1st place - Rob Worden

2nd place - Ian Brinkman

3rd place - James Elgee

Men's B Flight:

1st place - Paul Davis

2nd place - Jody Bjerkeset

3rd place - Brian Buck

Men's C Flight:

1st place - Brian Parker

2nd place - Larry Vose

3rd place - Carl Christensen

Senior's A Flight:

1st place - Ken Wiedrich

2nd place - Randy Moore

3rd place - Richard Williams

Senior's B Flight:

1st place - John Thibodeau

2nd place - Dave Hunt

3rd place - Tim Whiting

Senior's C Flight:

1st place - Sandy Sturrock

2nd place - David Asselstine

3rd place - Lou Edwards

Women's A Flight:

1st place - Pam Christensen

2nd place - Karen Muench

3rd place - Leslie Hansen

Women's B Flight:

1st place - Jan Burgman

2nd place - Bell Moore

3rd place - Laura Beason

Thanks to Steve's helpers who were in the background ... Kris Burnett, Laura Beason and Rusty Shaub and photographers Candy Behrends, Shana Ferguson and Karen Muench.

Here are photos of the tournament ... we may not have the greatest swings but we do have fun! Speaking of which ... Candy did catch a lot of you in some fun poses, so check them out!

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