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With over 100 members, the Juneau Golf Club is one of Juneau, Alaska's oldest community sports organizations striving for over 80 years to promote the sport, spirit and etiquette of golf in Juneau to adults and our junior golfers.

We encourage new golfers as well as seasoned veterans to become members, learn about the game of golf, or join us for local and "outside" tournaments. We are a volunteer group and count on our members for support with our local Best Ball Scramble Tournament and our two annual "outside" tournaments ... the Alaska Open Tournament in the spring and our Fall Memorial Tournament held in warmer climates.

The Juneau Golf Club is active in the community, contributing annually to the "Graduate Safely" program for Juneau's high school seniors and is the parent organization of the Junior Golf program.

We hope you find what you need in this web site. If not, please contact us at JuneauGolfClub@gmail.com.

Annual Membership

  • Inexpensive annual dues
  • Membership in a local 80+ year-old organization
  • Opportunity to establish a handicap
  • Eligibility to play in the annual Alaska Open Tournament
  • Eligibility to play in the annual Fall Memorial Tournament
  • Eligibility to play in local Juneau Golf Club tournaments
  • Bragging rights when you golf "down south"
  • Camaraderie with fellow members at the Annual Meeting Dinner

GHIN Handicap

  • USGA GHIN # through Alaska Golf Association allows you to establish a handicap to golf in any tournament.

Annual Membership, GHIN # & Junior Golf Donation

  • A combination of Annual JGC Membership, GHIN # and donation to Junior Golf.
  • $50.00
  •  6/5/2022 06:00 PM - 7/24/2022 07:45 PM
  •   Mendenhall Golf

The Juneau Golf Club sponsors a summer golf lesson program for Juneau's youth aged 12-18. Lessons will be held for 8 consecutive Sunday evenings from 6pm to 7:45pm. The program will commence on June 5th and end on July 24th. The program is limited to 15 participants.

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  •  9/11/2022 03:30 PM - 9/15/2022 08:00 PM
  •   1522 Cline Falls Highway, Redmond, OR, USA
  • $0.00
  •  5/14/2022 05:30 PM
  •   Juneau Moose Club

The Annual Meeting and Dinner will be held May 14, 2022

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  • $0.00
  •  3/6/2022 03:30 PM - 3/10/2022 08:30 PM

The annual 2022 Alaska Open Tournament being held at the Singing Hills Golf Resort in El Cajon, California has been cancelled due to major water system repair / replacement on the golf courses. No alternate site has been reserved. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our members.

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  • $0.00
  •  9/16/2021 12:00 AM
  •   Eagle Crest Golf Resort

Sponsorship is available now for various aspects of the 2021 Fall Memorial Golf Classic taking place 9/12-9/16/21. Choose your option, some are limited!

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  • $0.00
  •  9/12/2021 03:00 PM - 9/16/2021 05:00 PM
  •   1522 Cline Falls Highway, Redmond, OR, USA

The annual Fall Memorial Tournament sponsored by the Juneau Golf Club as a fund-raiser for Juneau's Junior Golf Club. Tournament fees are refundable up to September 10, 2021.

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  • $50.00
  •  6/1/2021 10:00 AM - 8/14/2021 06:00 PM
  •   Mendenhall Golf Course, Juneau, AK

The Juneau Golf Club sponsors a summer program for Juneau's youth aged 12-18 on 8 consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:45 p.m. starting June 2nd. Classes are now full.

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