Junior Golf

The Juneau Golf Club is the parent organization of the Juneau Junior Golf Club, providing opportunities for youth ages 12 to 18 in Juneau, Alaska. The Juneau Golf Club has contributed funds to support this valuable program as well as acted as a primary sponsor of golf tournaments held to benefit Junior Golf in Juneau. Through generous financial support and enthusiasm of the Juneau Golf Club members, the dream of a junior program in Juneau was realized in April, 1998.

For the Summer 2024 program, registrants will receive golf instruction and guidance in not only the sport, but also the rules, spirit and etiquette of the game. Junior members have fun both learning and playing locally with members of their own age group. 

The Junior program provides a great way to spend time in the summer for the youth of Juneau.  The 2024 Program Information will give more details. Click on Events above to register online. Classes are limited to 15 participants.

For more information on Junior Golf in Juneau, Alaska, contact us at juneaugolfclub@gmail.com